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After searching for any information about her on the Internet later, I found a site devoted a full page to her - including photos and letters, (as well as pages to other scammers) and stated that she had scammed as many as 500 other men.

Her other names are Vasilisa Schelkonogova Marina Chumachenko As I doubt she paid Tax on any of the money she stole I reported this woman to the Russian Tax Police at in the hope they will investigate and hopefully prosecute her for Tax fraud if nothing else.

She is using the name Yalena and is currently writing to me from a different address than the one on [email protected] LOL I asked the agency for a nude photo of her, and she sent this a few hours later. In reality she is a very beautiful Russian PHOTO-MODEL! I am reading a lot on this site about agency AMOUR, which is all true.

All the pictures you know and many more, you can find there...

We should trust each other because we like each other and we soon shall meet.Of course, without authority the adults are not able to bring up child.The foundation for real authority- is our own life, job, behavior.They attempt to extract money from men by asking for help to pay for translation services, language lessons, and other means. I originally connected with this agency through a posting they made on Below I provide this agency's contact information and a copy of a few of the correspondences I received from them.

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