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Il a ensuite été adopté par les Nations unies et par les gouvernements avec des sens parfois variables.Un point commun à toutes les définitions est que l’amélioration de la Sécurité humaine est l’objectif prioritaire de la consolidation de la paix.

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(NYSE Paris: SESG) (Lux X: SESG) has agreed to increase its interest in O3b Networks (O3b) to 50.5% and, in doing so, will take a controlling share in the company.

Consequently, O3b has a fully protected contract backlog of USD 350 million.

O3b’s global customer base includes Digicel Pacific, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, American Samoa Telecom, Speedcast, Rignet, Bharti International (Airtel), Timor Telecom, CNT Ecuador, Entel Chile and (via SES Government Solutions) the U. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). O3b has procured an additional eight satellites to accommodate rapidly-expanding demand, with four satellites expected to be launched during H1 2018, and the remaining four satellites expected to be launched in H2 2019.

The company offers customers a ‘fibre in the sky’ solution, with each of the constellation’s beams capable of delivering up to 1.6 Gigabits per second (Gbps) of throughput at a low latency of less than 150 milliseconds, a significant improvement over geostationary connectivity.

Since beginning commercial operations in September 2014, O3b has become the fastest growing satellite network in history in terms of capacity contracted.

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