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(None of which are real fraternities or sororities with the exception of Alpha Delta Pi, a national sorority.) Rusty Cartwright (Jacob Zachar) is a freshman at Cyprus-Rhodes University and in an effort to shed his nerdy image, goes through Greek recruitment to join a fraternity.

His older sister Casey (Spencer Grammer) is an active member of the Zeta Beta Zeta sorority (the top sorority on campus), and is dating Omega Chi Delta (the top fraternity on campus) active Evan Chambers (Jake Mc Dorman), who is wealthy and popular because of his father's company, Chambers International.

After Casey finds out about Evan and Rebecca, Frannie (Tiffany Dupont), ZBZ President and Casey's "big sister", convinces Casey to stay with Evan.

Casey sleeps with her ex, Cappie, to get revenge on Evan, but it was just a "one time thing". (Jessica Rose), a ZBZ pledge, begin dating after they help the Kappa Taus save Vesuvius.

Filmed primarily in Los Angeles, the show was also filmed on location at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus in the Westwood district of Los Angeles.

Some scenes were shot at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, California and at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

There's a band I'm really into right now called the Mystery Jets, and they have a song called Young Love, featuring some girl named Laura Marling, and I've been listening to that over and over.

There are six chapters, arranged into four seasons.

The series stars Jacob Zachar and Spencer Grammer as the lead characters.

Throughout the course of the series, other non-Greek characters and situations are introduced, but they all tie into larger relationships with the Greeks.

The series follows Rusty and Casey Cartwright as they endure the events surrounding the Greek system at Cyprus-Rhodes.

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