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To start, the couple must not get married in a year of the animal with which theirs conflict.

The couple may not be of the same Zodiac animal but will likely be similar enough to distinguish the years in which they can marry.

Some modern sources also apply numerological analysis to the date as given by the Gregorian calendar.

Another way to determine an auspicious wedding date in Chinese culture is to start with the espoused’s Zodiac animal sign, distinguished by their respective years of birth.

These days include Year Breaker days (the branch of the year clashes with the branch of the day), Month Breaker days (the branch of the month clashes with the branch of the day), and Personal Clash Day (the branch of the couples’ years of birth clash with the branch of the day).

There are other inauspicious days, such as the “Four Extinct and Four Departure Days”, the Impoverish or No Wealth days; the couple is allowed to decide for themselves if they are to eliminate these days, as well.

In Hindu Vedic astrology, a couple should first determine each other’s zodiac signs.

The lucky days of the week for Moroccan culture are Thursday and Sunday only; all other days are unlucky.Some couples eliminate months that will clash with their Zodiac animals.The next step is to set a time period in which the couple might like to marry in and eliminate all inauspicious days within this period.Auspicious days may also be chosen for the dates of betrothals.Dates for a particular couple's wedding may often be determined with the help of a traditional fortune-teller.

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