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Next it's Buffy and Cordelia in 'Reptile Boy', and they end up getting almost date raped by a creepy frat boy who's actually a reptile demon. Buffy gets turned into a rat for a large portion of the Xander-centric season two episode 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered', because Sarah Michelle Gellar needed time off during production in order to film her first appearance on 16.Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan are the only two actors who appeared in all 144 episodes of the show – Nicholas Brendon doesn't appear in season seven's 'Conversations With Dead People'.17. 🔥🔥🔥 We reunited the cast of #Buffy The Vampire slayer and we've got some INCREDIBLE photos of the cast! #Buffy Slays20 #Buffy Reunion 📷: @jameswhitefoto for EW A post shared by Entertainment Weekly (@entertainmentweekly) on While the cast may no longer be the teenagers they once were – the Scooby gang getting together has thrilled fans – as they haven’t been seen as a group in more than ten years.

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Before Willow began dating Tara in season four, Whedon had toyed with the idea of making Xander gay instead.7.

During the scene in season two finale 'Becoming' when Giles is tortured by Drusilla, Anthony Stewart Head put chilli peppers in his mouth in order to look convincingly agitated and physically wrecked.

Pity poor Juliet Landau, who had to kiss that mouth.8.

Others moved over into a spin-off, with David, Charisma and James taking part in Angel – a show focused on the adventures of the character after he left ‘hellmouth’ Sunnydale.

This is one of the few undisputed facts of pop culture.

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