Sanaya irani and barun sobti dating whos dating teresa palmer

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caught up with friends, gushed about films and ate some donuts 🤘🏻✨ (P.

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I really miss you guys ❤️ @simonttraw @fbwg @chuck_scholli #backstreetboys #totheratsandwolves #eskimocallboy #Germany💋📀GLOW UP📀💋 Had such a fab time at #thenightbefore party last night...

You should try it with a friend, a cousin or a neighbor and see the reactions as you see their faces change color or expression! Barun: Nothing for me changed (laughing while gorging on his fruits).

Rangmunch: Did you guys know each other before the show ? Rangmunch: So what was your first impression of each other when you met ? First time I met Sanaya was at the look test we had to do together.

Zoe came over for a good catch-up and we ordered pizza :) Hope you enjoy!

Sitting on the couch after a shot taking a break Barun and Sanaya get ready to answer questions for our "Out of the Blue" segment!

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