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Centuries of snow and ice had stolen water from the sea.Like a mammoth, slow-moving elevator out of control, the sea fell hundreds of feet. The new continent was a tundra land a thousand miles wide cut by roaring streams and scoured with bitter winds.The rocks, bunched in sections like pleats of an accordion, formed a parallel series of three major mountain ranges; the Outer Coastal Range, that stretches from Mendocino to Bodega Bay; the Mayacamus Mountains that reach from Cow Mountain to Mt. Helena; and the Inner Coastal Range, which lines the Sacramento Valley like watchmen on eternal duty. This time the fault’s rumble of destruction split the center of Lake County like a wishbone.The Clear Lake Basin was created; a fifty-mile long volcanic field.

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They populated the islands that dot that monster ocean; one-third of the planet.

The Grand Theater of Mother Earth played to an empty house, as she continued her endless slow modifications and alterations.

Three million years ago, the San Andreas Fault’s massive, slow-motion hiccup caused the land east of the western edge of the Pacific Plate to rise up.

They were a handsome race, varying from five and a half to six feet in height. In western North America, Lake County, no longer did the Pines and Cypress hold court all the way to Clear Lake’s shores.

Hardy people, these first Native Americans shared that world with saber-tooth cats, giant bears and mammoths. Oaks and Chaparral had their day and covered the land. By comparison, with the eons it had taken the planet’s heaving tectonic plates to settle down, the last two hundred centuries were but a speck of geological time. Unmolested, the Amerindian Pomo Tribes prospered beside the shores of Clear Lake.

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