Samsung weather widget not updating location Adult password 20 12 2013 members

The settings menu is rather bland - you are only allowed to choose whether to download the necessary wallpapers on Wi-Fi networks or on mobile data as well.Once, you've made up your mind, go straight ahead and set live weather as wallpaper.Can any one help get these subsidiary cities to update? I never knew you could scroll left and right on the weather to see additional cities. Although, as I'm typing, the geo-located city won't update and still shows an earlier time than the non-geo-located cities. Third party apps, even those sourcing from Accuweather, have no impact on what's shown on the Gear.I've restored, rebooted and wiped all the apps and gear. There are two places on your phone to adjust the weather on your Gear.from the XDA forums has successfully ported the Galaxy S5 Accu Weather widget to work on older Galaxy devices like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3.The new weather widget has a flat background and a plain look.Hi All I wonder if anyone here can tell me why my widget will not update?

Samsung hd in the UK haven't got a clue; furthermore they don't even have a Gear to replicate the issue!

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While the options available under Accu Weather Widget settings are pretty much the same, there is one good option that most of us always longed for.

Yes, the new weather app lets you set the lever of transparency for the weather widget.

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