Rules about buddhist dating

In the Buddhist perspective, marriage means understanding and respecting each other's beliefs and privacy.

Young people today are exposed to a large variety of "Western" influences which are disseminated through the mass media such as books and magazines, television, video cassettes and movies, resulting in the acquisition of distorted ideas regarding love, sex, and marriage.

A Japanese company has introduced a new role for Soft Bank's humanoid robot 'Pepper' - a Buddhist priest for hire at funerals.

Chanting sutras in a computerized voice while tapping a drum, the robot was on display on Wednesday at a funeral industry fair - the Life Ending Industry Expo - in Tokyo.

If young people want to ape the West, they are advised to ape this "silent majority" who are no different from their decent neighbor who lives next door to them.

Modern life is fraught with all kinds of tension and stress.

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