Ruby radar dating

In "The Answer", which flashbacked to the Rebellion and when Ruby was still a soldier for Homeworld, Ruby's outfit was similar to her current one, except she had a maroon belt, she did not have a headband, and there was more brown than maroon on her tank top.Approximately 5,750 years ago, Ruby lived on Homeworld as a common foot soldier.Interestingly, while Ruby Radar has been using biometrics to stop online dating scammers, online dating site recently revealed plans to use facial recognition to more effectively find matches for premium members based on physical characteristics.In partnership with Los Angeles-based matchmaking service Three Day Rule, plans on launching a premium service in which a user can submit pictures of their exes so the system can find matches according to a member’s physical “type”.

Her ensemble also includes mid-thigh burgundy shorts, and short, pointed maroon boots similar to Amethyst's.

When the rebels attacked, the three Rubies fought back, attempting to fulfill their jobs, only for two of them to be poofed by Rose Quartz and Pearl before turning to Sapphire.

Before her imminent poofing, Sapphire thanked Ruby for her service, at which point Ruby realized Sapphire had already predicted this and that she knew her physical form would be destroyed.

Her gemstone is located in the palm of her left hand and has a square facet.

Before her and Sapphire's regenerations in "Jail Break", Ruby's top was black and maroon, and she still had her maroon headband and boots and brown shorts, as seen in "Three Gems and a Baby".

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