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“What was very oppressive to me was that suddenly I became an attraction, you know.And for me, I am not somebody who likes to have all the spotlight.I love being an actress, but I really don’t have that interest.So it was something that was really weird, because I like to live like everybody. I don’t think it is something interesting or precious.

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Greg founded a company called that creates any type of alibi.

She is tiny, five-foot-nothing, wearing jeans, brogues and a T-shirt, the only vestige of her stardom being a Prada bag in the corner of the room. “But the good thing now is that you can be forgotten very quickly,” she says, brightening.

She has a goofy, endearing laugh that is like a drain and entirely at odds with her fine, elfin beauty. The actress has fond memories of her early career; times were far more innocent than they are now. “You know if you stop working for five years you are done. So I think that is reassuring.” She hasn’t worked for a year and a half now, and though she is about to start shooting a film with Bérénice Bejo, the award-winning star of The Artist, Tautou seems to prefer the medium of theatre.

” “You weren’t like this when you were younger,” he says to Tautou’s character.

“But when I was younger I didn’t know what I wanted,” she replies.

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