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New Rules is adaptive based on who can help and what services they can offer.To cater to creative industries, Webley wired a state-of-the-art sound system, and is actively seeking funds and donations from local corporations for other high-end equipment such as a 3D printer.

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“I’ve been surprised at the receptiveness with adults,” she says, citing a presentation from late last school year where SEAB members used their own experiences as students to describe challenges to their learning environment.

“The diversity present in the SPPS community is a beautiful thing,” she adds, which is why the graduation rule has become one area of focus.

While the experience gives its participants valuable leadership and community building experience, the purpose of the group is to improve the student experience for all 60,000 SPPS students.

In speaking with artists, he saw a connection between the artisans’ needs and those of other small businesses.

While fleshing out the New Rules concept, he realized it naturally extended to the North Minneapolis community where he wished to set up shop.

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