Report hospice backdating documents

CERT Contractors Advised CMS has instructed CERT contractors to follow the letter of the law in determining whether a claim has been billed properly and if there is sufficient documentation present to support the need for services.

Thus, each claim must stand alone and be supported by documentation clearly showing the intent of the ordering physician and the reasons for ordering the service(s) for that episode of care, with orders that are complete and signed.

He told the tribunal his mother had died in January 2013 and his arranged marriage had been on the point of collapse.

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The challenge many face is how to turn the data ...

Now, CERT requires evidence of the treating physician's intent to order tests, including signed orders and/or progress notes.

Again, in the past, CERT would review available documentation, including physician orders, supplier documentation, and patient billing history, then apply clinical review judgment.

His misconduct was reported to the SRA the week after he left by Sarah Groom, head of the private law division, who stated he had falsified statements of truth and knowingly made untrue statements in a witness statement.

Rizvi admitted all allegations and appeared in person at a Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal hearing last month.

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