Removing old files after updating Favorite sex chat site

The reason that many users are seeing the folder for the first time now is because this folder is only created during a true Windows , and the vast majority of users have not needed to perform such an upgrade in the past.

Generally speaking, most users acquire a version of Windows when they buy a new PC, use that version until the PC dies or needs to be replaced, and then acquire a new version of Windows that’s pre-installed on their next PC.

) on my system drive after the recent major Windows 10 update.

I haven't recently installed a new operating system, I moved to Win 10 a year ago and I did a fresh install.

If you are using Windows operating system, it regularly downloads and installs security updates and hotfixes to keep your computer safe which also store lots of data on your hard disk. Its good for compatibility and reliability point of view but the folder size gets increased with time and you have no option to clean this folder. This tool allows you to clean various places of your hard disk to reclaim free space. It'll take a few seconds in calculating how much free space will you get after removing temporary files. Here you can select the desired options and make sure to select "Windows Update Cleanup" option which will help you in getting a huge amount of free space on your hard disk. It'll ask for confirmation, click on "Delete Files" button to accept the confirmation.

He has written several tech articles for popular newspapers and magazines and has also appeared in a few tech shows on TV channels.Move everything you need, to a different folder outside before clearing it out.I just checked my folder, and it appears that it's a copy of the structure of the root of the drive.Just download the required update from following links: Download and install the update and restart your system.After reboot, open Disk Cleanup wizard using the same steps given above for Windows 8/8.1/10 operating systems and you'll be able to remove outdated Windows updates to save space on your hard disk.

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