Reitman dating

The Australian tennis player, who turned pro in 1994, was linked to Shannon Elizabeth between 20.

Though it was a short period of time, they were the talk of the town.

And while Valerie is equally as open about sex with her daughter (she openly shares how her one–night stand goes), the two both falter when successfully engaging in casual relationships—Laura sees her dreamy boyfriend cheat on her, and Valerie is coerced by her secretary to hit on an equally as young waiter. falls into the more indie–dramedy category of television than anything else, so viewers looking for a neatly packaged, shiny family comedy can look elsewhere.

If you were wondering about who Elizabeth Shannon’s boyfriend is now, we have a hunch that she’s single.

It also turns a spotlight to the inherent ridiculousness of casual dating for both genders, while emphasizing the unfair standards women are forced to live up to.

Laura, Valerie’s daughter, is as casual about sex as every PTA helicopter mom suspects (and fears).

She also had a part in the star-studded rom-com, Love Actually, and in more recently in the sixth season of Dancing with the Stars.

The actress has been linked to many big names in the industry, but fans are still confused if she is now single, after being with Simmons.

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