Regular expression for validating numbers dating sites in america 2016

Let’s break this one down to see what is going on : ^ # Start of expression (?!

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Others, like Java, C , and Python, have regex support as part of their standard library. Today we are going to focus on regular expressions in Java Script. The passed string is then tested for the presence or absence of the search characters — all included characters, appearing in exactly that order with no spaces; think of them as a sub-string — and returns a Boolean value: The expression between the slash symbols (/regex code here/) is an absolute literal.b(\d)1 -(\d)1 -(\d)1 b) # Don't allow all matching digits for every field (?! 666|000|9\d)\d # Don't allow the SSN to begin with 666, 000 or anything between 900-999 - # A dash (separating Area and Group numbers) (?!0)\d # Don't allow last four digits to be "0000" $ # End of expression It's important to keep in mind that although this expression will help foil possible fraudulent attempts, it is a bit over-the-top and will actually consider some valid values (like 1) to be invalid.Use your best judgement to determine if this is a viable option for you and your business needs.You can see this expression in action below : If you truly need a reliable method of handling Social Security Number validation, the Social Security Administration offers a service that will properly validate a number for you, however it may not always be free or very quick.

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