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Said she was crawling on the floor getting dick slapped and gagged.

when it was over she was spread out on the floor smiling. This is the first interesting thing I've ever heard about her. She was best friends with Paris Hilton, who had no idea hers would be released.

That girl/woman looks like a dirty cartoon character. She's a pig.[quote]Her father was a very wealthy lawyer so why would she need to fuck for cash. So you don't think a fame whore who planned a hardcore sex tape, taped and then sold it for the world see is above being a prostitute?

In this weeks' nude pic interview, she discusses how she urinates in her Spanx (girdle-let's be real, she wears a girdle! You're sweet."Her father was a very wealthy lawyer so why would she need to fuck for cash."You have to "sell your soul" to gain entry.

I don't know and I'm not going to do any research, but perhaps someone here can say.

She had a little down low prostitute business with her friends Brittny Gastineu and La La Anthony. Gastinaeu however loved the work and is now a full fledged Heidi Fliess style madam and pimps out several D-list actresses and reality tv girls. Selling a sex tape would qualify, but maybe our standards have lowered? Her father was a very wealthy lawyer so why would she need to fuck for cash.

She knew how much publicity the Paris taped got and she planned the whole thing. When you see Amber Rose as a "special guest" at the Carnival celebration in Trinidad, or Paris Hilton attending some random event, or any of the Kardashian girls in the past, or dozens of other "celebrities" who are famous for being famous, how do you think they survive or got started? Paris and the Kardashians don't need the money, but in Hilton's case the drugging and fame habits need to be fed, so yeah, they do sex for money. The big guy from Vivid Adult Entertainment was interviewed for a show about the Kim sex tape. He stated that he told them they would have to remove the pee on Kim scene to make it more commercial.

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Even her half-sister Kloe said, "we sold our souls for this" - meaning no autonomy, no private life, constant cameras, obedience to the needs of their fake relationships and sleazy corporate interests.[quote]Someone on Lipstick Alley said she was at a party getting ganged banged by multiple black men.Plus, except for the younger ones, their bio daddy died early -- probably due to karma for helping to get O. acquitted for murder -- and their stepfather apparently wants to transition into womanhood.Meanwhile, one just filed for divorce from her crackhead husband, and one is marrying the only famewhore on the planet bigger than her. Kim was still prostituting herself when she was still with Kris Humphries.She certainly is not a good role model for anybody with her bad English; and almost constant nude psoing which NO ONE want to see!Over inflated to the point of bursting implanted breast & ass implants. Many rich parents don't lavish their kids with cash and I don't think Mama Pimp would part with any of it anyway, she makes her living OFF her kids.

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