Reggie bush and kim kardashian dating

If Kim wanted something all she had to do is ask, her family has been connected in Hollywood since her birth.No reason to whore herself but you fools keep making your fan fiction. The reason the marriage to Kris Humphries didn't last is bc on the eve of their wedding when Kris was to consummate the union, he was finishing a brutal face fucking and went to discharge a load on her tits.That girl/woman looks like a dirty cartoon character. She's a pig.[quote]Her father was a very wealthy lawyer so why would she need to fuck for cash. So you don't think a fame whore who planned a hardcore sex tape, taped and then sold it for the world see is above being a prostitute?

Said she was crawling on the floor getting dick slapped and gagged. There were stories that she was a pass around girl at record companies long before she got pissed on in that sex tape.To the one who thinks the Kardashians are God fearing people; If you actually believe that, no offense, but you are either the most naive person in the world, or not very smart.KK may or may not have been hooking, probably was, she looks like it, certainly dresses like a hooker.when it was over she was spread out on the floor smiling. I can totally believe it, she seems so desperate for fame she'd do anything (or anyone) if they promised her a bit part in a video. Her father owned a music company and her mother is best friends with Irving Azoff's wife Shelly.Kim and Irving's daughter Allison have been best friends since kindergarten.

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