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Being speedy isn't a goal." Robert Hall, 58 INTRODUCING ECONOMIST NO.5 Chair of the Dating Committee since 1978, Hall co-authored a best-selling macroeconomics text. Hall, a member of the Hoover Institution, co-wrote a 1981 Wall Street Journal article that started the flat-tax craze. 6 Zarnowitz is a senior fellow at the Conference Board and professor emeritus at the University of Chicago. Only a handful of years earlier, the same demographic was nothing but a swarm of pre-sexual children.Then the mating software booted up, but it was constrained by bodies and minds way too young to do much about it.His NBER connection: Frankel heads the International Finance and Macroeconomics program.HIS MANTRA: "The goal is to declare the dating of recessions definitively.

There was the exquisite collision of illegal gin, hot jazz and the forbidden lure of the speakeasy in the 1920s.(FORTUNE Magazine) – Despite the name, the Business Cycle Dating Committee has nothing to do with the mating habits of investment bankers.As part of the National Bureau of Economic Research, the BCDC carries out duties that are far from romantic--it decides when recessions officially start and end. Obviously, its moves are once again being scrutinized. 1 An expert on the Great Depression, Bernanke directs NBER's monetary program and chairs Princeton's economics department. Bernanke is editor of the leading economics journal and has won a Guggenheim Fellowship. 2 Harvard economics professor Feldstein has been the president of NBER since 1977.(That stuff about two quarters of economic contraction is for rookies.) The committee last met in 1992, when it declared the end of the last U. Lately its six members e-mail one another to discuss indicators such as industrial production, employment, and real income. STOCKHOLM CALLING: At age 37 he won the John Bates Clark medal, awarded to the most promising economist under 40; one-third of its recipients win the Nobel Prize. 3 This Northwestern professor is an expert in business cycles, inflation, and unemployment.The board says it's waiting for "a significant decline in [economic] activity" before it declares a recession. TURN-ONS: Gordon is an avid flier and has written many articles about the economics of the airline industry. 4 His day job: teacher at Harvard's Kennedy School.

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