Reasons for backdating council tax benefit

It is important to understand that the test for married couples and civil partners is different to that of those living together as married couples and civil partners.

They are to be treated as a married couple unless the evidence shows they are separated and it is likely to be permanent.

The importance of making the correct claim Tax credits claimants are often shocked to find just how dire the consequences can be where they have made a claim in the wrong capacity. This can be a big blow to a family who have childcare costs to pay or have more than one child.

In most cases it is not possible to re-claim in the same capacity as the claim is likely to be picked up by the system and sent to a compliance officer again who is likely to disallow it on the same grounds.

Secondly, HMRC will seek to recover all payments made on the incorrect claim as overpayments and may in some cases choose to charge penalties.

They may also decide to go back and revise claims from earlier years so far as within their powers to do so.

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