Reasons for backdating council tax benefit

There are many reasons why people make incorrect claims.

In most cases it is not possible to re-claim in the same capacity as the claim is likely to be picked up by the system and sent to a compliance officer again who is likely to disallow it on the same grounds.

Advisers are most likely to get involved when claimants receive a letter from HMRC which may be asking for evidence in order to make a decision or could be the actual decision letter itself.

HMRC have previously contracted with a private company to carry out investigations on their behalf.

A tribunal should be slow to differ from the claimant’s own genuine assessment of the likelihood of a reconciliation, although that is a subjective assessment and the tribunal is not bound by it.’ Living together as husband and wife or civil partners Unfortunately the tax credits legislation contains no additional guidance on what living together as husband and wife or civil partners means.

The HMRC compliance manual contains several sections that contain information which may be useful for advisers: Undisclosed partner investigations HMRC have several different powers that allow them to carry out investigations into claims.

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