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We took surveys on our own campuses to understand what students actually ended up buying versus using.We then curated packages to create a shopping experience that would be easy for parents and students to get the true essentials, all in one box.” The company offers three packages: The most basic (mostly bedding and towels plus a much-needed clip-on fan) costs 5, a mid-range level is 9 (with added items including a shower caddy, flip flops, plastic dishes and a set of utensils), and a deluxe level is 9 (whose additions include a bulletin/whiteboard, computer speakers and a first aid kit). The cord on the only toy that actually worked broke and the toy got stuck inside my girlfriend.These products aren't just poorly made there dangerous. I'll let you know if they actually refund me for this crap. Unless you have health insurance for a trip to the ER.

Dorm It Up delivers it for free to the student’s dorm.

Once my daughter turned in her college acceptance form, her next step was not combing through the course catalogue to figure out her classes; instead, she set out to find a roommate. I had assumed roommates were randomly assigned, as they were when I went to college, but social media has made it possible for newly admitted students to seek out their own living arrangements, and many colleges and universities honor their requests.

In my daughter’s case, she ended up finding a potential roommate through a friend of a friend.

Almost everything ships from its Buffalo warehouse within 24 hours for a flat .95 per order.

Leigh Deux targets its high-end dorm room furnishings to the affluent sorority set.

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