Radiometric dating detrital minerals sedimentary rocks gives can an extrovert dating an introvert

The transportation process breaks rocks into smaller particles by physical abrasion, from big boulder size into sand or even clay size.

At the same time minerals within the sediment can also be changed chemically, only minerals that are more resistant to chemical weathering can survive (e.g.

Examples of petrological methods include QFL ternary diagram, heavy mineral assemblages (apatite–tourmaline index, garnet zircon index), clay mineral assemblages and illite crystallinity, reworked fossils and palynomorphs, and stock magnetic properties.

The development of provenance methods are heavily dependent on the development of these mainstream geological disciplines.Later, with the development of chemical and isotopic micro-analysis methods and geochronological techniques(e.g.ICP-MS, SHRIMP), provenance researches shifted to analyze single mineral grains.Rocks exposed to the surface are sooner or later broken down into sediments.Sediments are expected to be able to provide evidence of the erosion history of their parent source rocks.

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