Radcombobox selectedvalue not updating liquidating business promotion

Mode One Way is Source to Target and therefore makes the Source Read Only which results in never updating the Source. I've been fighting with this issue for hours today, and you know what I found out? The list that was populating the Combo Box was Int64, and I was trying to store the value in an Int32 field!

however the Value never gets updated and I will have to perform another query to my recordset to select the value.Explore the Telerik Public Issue Tracking system and vote to affect the priority of the items Hi Billy Hasan, When you redirect the response - in fact you cause a new page load.This means that you lose the state of the page controls stored at View State - which is a normal ASP. Let me recommend you revise the approach that you use in your implementation.Use it in this scenario: Ajaxified control in Item Template does a full postback.The Items Requested event is fired when a callback is initiated from the client-side - when the user types in the combobox input field or when the user clicks the drop-arrow image.

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