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Like Patzer was, Forth is no fan of the sunsetting policy, but he says it doesn't work for Intuit to support all the old versions of the app.

He says that an annual subscription to Quicken software might be the way to keep users up to date and make sure no one suffers from an inadvertent sunset on their active software.

We have our work cut out for us, but I do believe we provide a tremendous amount of value to our customers and we are here for the long-haul and will be with our customers as their lives become more multi-faceted – so please do stay tuned with us."So, how did Quicken for Mac 2018 do? However, it does still have some drawbacks, and one major change this year might have some long time Quicken users concerned.

The pricing for Quicken For Mac 2018 is one of the biggest changes.

Stay tuned for more news soon about what's happening to Quicken on the Mac, and more developments in the Mint product line.

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In the meantime, the recession is doing wonders for Mint's growth, if not Quicken's.He planned to integrate Quicken with Mint and rewrite the app from scratch to make it possible for Intuit developers to update it more frequently.And by update it, he meant really improve it, not just add peripheral new features and re-skin the app every year, as they've been doing for about the last 10.Apparently Quicken's user base is getting so old that Intuit needed to make it into a large-print app. And, frankly, as one of the old guys who's been using Quicken since 1988, and who has, since then, acquired trifocals, I appreciate it.Really big updates are coming, Forth says, in "the next version of Quicken." I'll wait and without holding my breath even for a second.

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