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Quicken changed their pricing model this year to a subscription-based model, instead of a one-time fee. It's bad, because many Quicken users kept their software for years, and never upgraded.

For users, this was fine - because you could avoid bad rollouts like Quicken for Mac 2017.

It now uses Mint's categorization engine, so it can auto-file expenses more accurately, and it connects directly to 18,000 financial institutions, up from about 6,000.

Quicken 2012 also has new recession-friendly features.

(You can download Quicken Premier, Quicken Home Business, and Quicken Deluxe from CNET ) Patzer came in with grand visions and ideas to make Quicken a more modern and relevant app.He planned to integrate Quicken with Mint and rewrite the app from scratch to make it possible for Intuit developers to update it more frequently.And by update it, he meant really improve it, not just add peripheral new features and re-skin the app every year, as they've been doing for about the last 10.It will help you manage repayment plans for paying off multiple credit cards, for example.It's got a refreshed UI and an option for bigger fonts, Forth tells me.

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