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For example, it only had one or two email addresses for our subjects and not the most recent addresses.

Spokeo also didn’t list current landline or cell phone numbers.

But is your friend who can't stop talking about their Cross Fit gym actually on to something, or just drinking some calorie-free Kool-Aid?

Former Bachelor star and personal trainer, Sam Wood, who now runs his own business empire, decided to find out - listing the pros and cons of some of the most popular fitness trends.

Born right here in Sydney in 2011, it's no surprise that F45 captured Australia's rapt attention before taking over the world.

'While the TVs are a good idea, they can make trainers lazy,' he writes.

Our targets had both common and uncommon names, so our search covered a variety of circumstances.

Spokeo rates well here, we had no problem locating our targets. There’s a map on the results page that lets you choose the state you want to narrow your search too. Spokeo searches through 100 different social media sites including blogging, music, dating and shopping sites.

Spokeo does offer a historical records report for .95 that looks more closely at marriage and divorce records. These reports include a nationwide check for any criminal convictions or misdemeanors.

This information isn’t included in the basic report so you can either upgrade your subscription for an additional .95 or purchase a single report for .95.

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