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"I do not find in your 1965 Guid e any i.iention of foreign languages, not even among special, distinguishing, or "unusual" achievements; yet foreign languages are substantially the only college preparatory subjects not tested.

Since the courses can be used for fulfillment of the language requirement, it is possible that later enrollments will show more graduate students in advanced courses.where he lived, attended school, or wrote for the local press.This will be the first time that such a tour has been contemplated o The Ruben Darxo Centennial Tour will be under the leadership of Dr.THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOI^^it %^.j Modern Foreign Language n^ ^ "*" ^f" l/f^ NEWSLETTER ^^24 lon^ ux ^966 ■ .- '"'^'i^ums Vol, XX No. ■ ^"^ November .1966 , EASTERN LANGUAGES AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS The Department of Linguistics at the U of I has announced that this fall, 1966, a third year has been added in several of their present two-year language courses.The linguistics Department offers a^variety of Asian languages, many of which are taught only when: there is a demand for them, but a substantial number of which are taught year after year.

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