Prevent firefox from updating samsung pc studio not updating

You can download full installers for the rapid release here.

You can download full installers for the extended support release here.

~~ So I need to disable autoupdate on each of these machines.

The problem is that I need to do it once PER MACHINE.

Can forced auto-updating be prevented in any other way?

I administer a couple of dozen Windows machines, all of which are in a domain.

However, they are still prompted when an update is available, asking if they want to install the update.

The rapid release is updated every six weeks whereas the extended support release is updated every on average every 42 weeks. The extended support release is intended for organizations that extensively test each browser release against internally-developed web apps.

The one other significant difference between the rapid release and the ESR from an enterprise perspective is that a few policies are only available on the ESR.

The default installers we make available for Windows are stub installers that download the needed files.

For deployment, you'll probably want a full installer.

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