Prevent firefox from updating

However, in the above example, I have 12 x 24 accounts in which to change it.

That leaves something like 288 times I have to disable this. Maybe a command to put in the script that everyone runs?

prevent firefox from updating-82prevent firefox from updating-64

However, they are still prompted when an update is available, asking if they want to install the update.I have 12 machines that are used by any of 24 different people.I know how to disable autoupdate on one machine for one account.The rapid release is updated every six weeks whereas the extended support release is updated every on average every 42 weeks. The extended support release is intended for organizations that extensively test each browser release against internally-developed web apps.The one other significant difference between the rapid release and the ESR from an enterprise perspective is that a few policies are only available on the ESR.

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