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We have licensed public screenings to you throughout the nation and world, and we are very happy that the information we are providing through our film and website is assisting you in your victories and continued battles to stop LNG.is very concerned that recent LNG safety study findings were being used to "minimize" the scope of LNG hazards.Even as demand is ballooning in all key markets, squeeze points have cropped up on the supply side in the form of unplanned outages at LNG plants and unusually long ramp-up perio occurred at Nigeria LNG, where a leak in the main gas supply pipeline on Aug. This follows an unexpectedly long outage in Trinidad and slow ramp-ups in Egypt.(Wednesday, August 31, 2005)" An explosion at a natural gas complex in Algeria has killed at least four people and injured about 60 others.Tim Riley shows LNG Tanker pictures, LNG carrier photos, and LNG ship photographs. Tim Riley shows pictures of the LNG Explosion in Algeria.Tim Riley discusses LNG tankers size, LNG tankers volume capacity, LNG carrier double hulls and LNG tanker ship vulnerability.Eleven persons are feared missing and aquatic life completely destroyed when a 28-inch Liquefied Natural Gas underground pipeline exploded at Kalakama, an Ogoloma fishing community in Okrika Local Government Area of Rivers State.

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Tim Riley warns us Imported liquefied natural gas will make America more dependent on foreign fuel.Tim Riley displays pictures of the LNG Cleveland Disaster of 1944 and the recent LNG explosion blast in Algeria in January 2004.Tim Riley warns us of LNG vulnerability to terrorism and terrorist sabotage and that LNG is terrorist target.The blast took place at a state-owned liquefied natural gas unit in the industrial zone of the north-eastern coastal town of Skikda.Speaking haltingly, she said the complex was engulfed in smoke and flames. Industry officials and some government officials have said that such facilities have a spotless safety record, could not explode, and would pose little risk to surrounding communities.

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