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Today I woke up and I did not have the energy even to pray. Then why do I have to be alone for over 40 years and I can't meet my soul mate and desperately longing to live in the place that I am dreaming for so long? Try to trust that this is such a time of preparation for you.

I looked at the computer and thought, "Will God hear me if I send him a message." I felt so weird. You gave me a job and a place to live so I don't have a job for a few weeks... I like to have a job and be able to live in the place that I wanted for so long... Please lead me into the blessed land and give me a chance to glorify you by doing your work... Continue to hope for love and know that God sees your loneliness.

I start thinking what life would be like with no education and I didn? I start buying lotto tickets, scratch offs, and even asking everybody I know for money. All I'm really saying mighty Lord I need your help and I really need it very badly more than a fat kids crying for more lactose. It has been over 8 since I lost your love, kindness and friendship. Please I need you in my life and your guidance and direction was always very inspirational to me and now I am a lost soul who needs your love, a woman's love, and a sense of life.

that little money thats left in my saving, thats for my family and my sick father.s side and instead of him helping me he rather tell me how much money something cost that he own or how much money he has in the bank. Thank you very much, your special and favorite son Eugenio. and live a full life by working for you and for your glory. One that will bring your love back to me for all of eternity. PLEASE Amen Walter Dear Heart, Aloneness is a challenge to the heart which feels forlorn, especially if it continues for a long time.S My Dear God,for the last five years I've felt so lost and down. What curse do I have and what is the reason for this? I am asking again for your help and blessing over my life. I wonder if I am not good enough or is it my misunderstanding that I feel I belong to you? I thought when I accepted Jesus as my saviour, You become my Father, and I finally get closer to you. At the same time, it causes one to value closeness, warmth, and love even more and to be more ready when they appear.God please restore my family wealth back, we used to live life like kings but since my dad had great loss in business life is worse now. V God, for all you have given me--i have health, family and friends. All i want is to have a partner for the rest of my life--you know i have met someone. If I knew you were not watching I would fail you more. Unexpectedly the Company has CLOSED 68 employees had to find a job only 15 has found a job in the fast food department. I'm helpless..i really don't know how to stand totally against them.. I know my grandpa was worried about me before he passed away. Please God let his soul be at peace with You, my daddy, and the rest of his family and friends in Heaven. The days are long and my willpower is fading, and I feel powerless to change my fate.he cant afford to buy me a laptop i have been asking him for 10 months now. If you think I deserve it then please Lord, help me which even if I don't get will be help in disguise for me. I care about him a lot--i think he is the one i could be happy with forever. This world is annoying and filled with temptations. So with that in mind, I thank you because you are watching otherwise my path would lead to destruction. I am upset that I cannot find a job I need you now LORD. Dear God, I Love you with all my heart and I trust that you will see me through this hard time. I hope I can be as good of a person as him in my life so that I can see him again one day when my life on this earth is over. Love, Babak Falsely accused and wrongly convicted - I am not a predator nor am I a pedophile. I ask for You to grant me strength and for You to give me Your blessing.

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