Phon hot chat sample

I wanted to figure out what kind of sounds were used. I grew up with the early Warp label artists like Aphex Twin, Autechre which were cool and intense.

Every release at this time was super fresh to me, very exciting. Then I started to buy records and DJ with my friend Apparat.

What was your typical gear list for a typical live show at that time?

So, these gear limitations helped you when making music? When I see younger friends learning music now they have everything they need at once.

We grew up in the same area and started to do parties together and it was a chance for us to play and practice in front of lots of people. [laughs]After finishing school I went to Berlin, saved up money while working and began buying gear.

I shared a studio with Apparat and all the money we earned went straight into hardware gear. We couldn’t afford lots of gear so we tried to get the most out of every single piece of gear.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to your album Black Boulder, and love your interesting rhythms, grooves and textured percussive/melodic elements. For example, I may knock a wooden cooking spoon on a table or plastic bottles.

Then I layer these sounds with drum sounds for an organic feel.

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