Parser doesn t support setschema not validating who is dating who website

In other words, it essentially just controls the DTD validation.(except the legacy two properties defined in JAXP 1.2.

Let the filesystem figure out what it can and can't open rather than trying to preempt it.

This is only really practical because you have fairly simple XML in your example - anything more complicated that that and this approach becomes unworkable: Please note that it looks like you have classloader issues somewhere (unless the version of beanutils you have has been crippled in some way?

) and I'd strongly recommend you try to get to the bottom of those as they may come back to bite you again and again...

Create; doc.async := False; doc.validate On Parse := true; doc.resolve Externals := true; if (edit1.text) then begin showmessage ('File is valid - Whoopee!

'); end else //error loading Show Message ('Error in XML file'); end; procedure TForm1.formload(Sender: TObject); begin edit1:= 'C:\invalid.xml' ; end; end.

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