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That's just as well, the ones I had worn last time we wrestled have been well worn, as I slip them on to pleasure myself when I think about that night, and you won't believe how often that's been! I'm currently standing in the training room waiting for the girls to appear from the changing rooms.

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Once more, I don't need to be too cultured with my tactics, Gemma doesn't look too inclined to go on the offensive, so I go directly for the take down. I'm able to get onto her back and hold her arms, pulling her into a camel clutch. "Gemma said I should submit quicker to avoid the punishment." Sam responds "So I submit. It's all I can do to resist the urge to hump her head from here. "Becky isn't the only one who can apply a headscissor. Predictably but still bit embarrassingly, it takes me less than a minute to climax, in my hugely aroused state. Quickly reaching forward I seize both of Sam's arms, pushing them up behind her back. No." Sam starts to scream, but barely audibly, as the volume is muffled by Gemma's crotch. The soft nylon of her pantyhose rubbing against my encased pussy. "Yep, fine but don't expect much conversation from me! I mean me and Gemma rode your face solidly for an hour.

3-0 - This is going better than I could have hoped, only 5 minutes in and I'm well ahead and looking at my opponents, they both look beaten. She really doesn't look ready to go again, which is exactly as I planned this. I just sit back, maintaining the hold is easier and easier, as the fight goes out of Gemma as she begins to accept the futility of her position. I'll only hurt you a little bit or maybe a lot, who knows hey? Gemma is now virtually motionless, I have kept the hold on tight enough to be pretty uncomfortable but not to hurt her, although I'm guessing she may need some meds for her headache and stiff neck tomorrow morning. Gemma is writhing, clearly really getting into it, despite being trapped by me sitting on her chest limiting her movement.

And I have to say, I'm enjoying dominating these two attractive, young women in a way that some might not consider proper for a married woman in her mid-thirties. "Hey Sam, are you going to tell your partner to submit? Sam doesn't speak, although I'm not sure she is really tuned in to what's going on, she still looks like she's on another planet. "Come on then Sam, I'm ready for ya." I say menacingly. Sam is watching, absorbed by what she is seeing, more like an ardent fan than a participant. Her only noises are little moans and whimpers of disconsolation, as she is close to tears. And judging by Sam's reaction, Gemma has tightened her scissor hold on Sam's head, muffled shrieks and squirming making it obvious what's happening. "I'm sorry Gemma, I can't wait any longer." I say, as I scoot back to find her face, with my ass and pussy. Gemma is certainly showing more restraint than I could muster, as she torments Sam. " Reaching down to give each of us a soft but sensual kiss on the lips, whispering something in Sam's ear as she does, and Gemma leaves. I think both uncomfortable about breaking the silence.

My opponents appear, their matching outfits bring a little smile to my face. "It's OK, let's just do this, it's not like I haven't see it all before, and at closer range." I say, with a nervous laugh. " Sam starts, moving to the middle of the mat to meet me. Second, I have realised that copying the tactics which my opponents used to beat me last time, going full throttle to take an opponent out of the game, will be my best bet.

A couple of weeks ago I wore a very short, button up shirt dress into the office, and one of the guys joked that it looked like I'd forgotten my skirt. "Sorry, it was just a little joke." Sam tries to explain. Last time I wrestled these ladies, I got my tactics all wrong, going slowly and trying to accumulate submissions over the whole of a 60 minute match. With my new assertive tactics coming to the fore, I attack, tackling Sam down to the mat.

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