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“I couldn’t sleep, my sleep was disturbed throughout the night,” said Alif Jan, who was working as a trainee audiologist at a London hospital.“In Brook House you can be put with any criminal in the same room.Recommissioned shows are shown as running to the present, as are any show that is currently airing.Only channels where an episode first aired are listed, with the exception of episodes on non-BBC Three programmes which debuted online - for these, the linear channel and the transmission date on that channel are used.We’re having to apologise for others and it has a huge impact on Muslims.” Despite this he said: “I do not see Blackburn as a racially segregated town.People may live in geographically different areas but they all come together when it is needed.” Cllr Mohammed Khan, the leader of Blackburn with Darwen Council, said: “I’m very disappointed.The BBC pulled an episode of Panorama shortly before it was due to be broadcast after one of its producers was accused of attempting to bribe a security consultant for information.The producer allegedly e-mailed Sean Ghent, consultant to Harlequin Property, suggesting he might not be paid by the company and dangling the possibility of work with Panorama.

Footage showed a custody manager calling the man a “div” and “scrotum”, adding: “F***ing leave him. Concerns have also been raised for the welfare of hunger strikers after the BBC documented at lest one incident where a manager ordered Mr Tulley to record that a man ate when he was refusing food, adding: “Oh f*** him, cross him off.

In 2007, its programme ‘White Fright’ highlighted the divide between Muslim Asian and white residents.

Last night’s film claimed the production team found a town even more geographically segregated.

A LEADING academic believes Blackburn is becoming more rather than less segregated, storing up problems for the future.

Professor Ted Cantle spoke after the BBC’s Panorama programme revisited the town in a documentary shown last night.

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