Ovation guitar serial number dating

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It has a lot of information about serial numbers and how to look them up.

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: I've seen it from under a hundred on ebay to 150 if its in good shape. I've got the exact same guitar (SN 071047), and I'm looking at selling it to somebody who can actually play it.

My father willed it to me, and it's a fine sounding instrument (with a steel fingerboard no less!

Does anyone have any knowledge on collectablilty or value (if any) on this guitar. Thanks I just purchased an Applause Guitar model AA14-2, serial number 029249.

I would like to know how to look in an archive file and get a date for its production, and its value. Thank You, jkyle The guitar your talking about was made in 1974 in Moosup, Ct by Kaman Music Co. She had given my son one, and it had been stolen and he's been looking for one ever since.

You can glean much, as mentioned above, from the ovation fan web site. There also used to be a page on the ovation website that talked all about their numbering and what it means. American made Ovation series are easy to date by year made but not usually much additional information. Label's change color depending on the years made and some (foil) are usually better than say the blue labels.

Mine is a Balladeer with no electronics, and it has served me very well since I bought it from a friend in 1975. My dad's is still his prime guitar I suppose I won't know till we can check it out - the lady doesn't seem too clued up, and she's giving me a real good price if it is a Balladeer...

This is a Applause model number AA14 and SN 132392. perhaps it's an earlier/later version of the aa14-4? i was very fortunate finding it for just £50 (private sale) about 5 years ago. mine is coloured deep red, also with an aluminium fretboard. it sounds gr8 amped up with the 'headway snake2' pick up i had installed into it recently.

There are specific years of specific models that are sought after and perceived as better than other years.

You can glean much, as mentioned above, from the ovation fan web site. Thanks guys - ye it seems that it is a 1974 American made Ovation with no electronics... I have an old Ovation, almost as old as that one and it's still my favorite. It doesn't have the booming bass of a D-28, but it makes up for it in other ways.

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