Oracle triggers when updating

If the update was executed from an anonymous PL/SQL block, I'm not how to track it back - you'll need to experiment further.It may be, though, that the osuser/machine/program/module information may be enough to get you pointed in the right direction.

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If you are really concerned about the overhead of the select, you can change it to not join against v$sql, and instead just save the SQL_ADDRESS column, then schedule a job with DBMS_JOB to go off and update the sql_text column with a second update statement, thereby offloading the update into another session and not blocking your original update.Le modifiche sulla tabella possono includere operazioni insert, update, e delete.L'azione (Action), di solito è una sequenza di comandi SQL e/o di codice scritto con linguaggi di programmazione proprietari (ad esempio PL/SQL nei database Oracle, o Transact-SQL su database Microsoft e Sybase), ma può essere anche una transazione sul database o un programma esterno.I am writing from the mobile app, so i can't give you more detailed examples, but if you google for it you'll find many of them.A quick and dirty option if you're working locally, and are only interested in the first thing that's altering the data, is to throw an error in the trigger instead of logging.

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