Oracle triggers when updating Free japanese online cam chat

I am hoping that there is a way to find out where the source code is calling from that is updating the table and inserting the source as a trigger on that table that we are monitoring. SID , ss.serial# , sysdate , ss.program , ss.module , ss.machine , ss.osuser , sq.sql_fulltext , sq.program_id FROM v$session ss , v$sql sq WHERE ss.sql_address = sq.address AND ss.

The statement you're going to see logged is going to be the most proximal statement - in this case, an update - even if the original statement executed by the process that initiated it is a stored procedure. If the update statement is part of a procedure or trigger, program_id will point to the object_id of the code in question - you can resolve it thusly: In the case when the update statement was executed directly from the client, I don't know what program_id represents, but you wouldn't need it - you'd have the name of the executable in the "program" column of statement_tracker.

I am writing from the mobile app, so i can't give you more detailed examples, but if you google for it you'll find many of them.

A quick and dirty option if you're working locally, and are only interested in the first thing that's altering the data, is to throw an error in the trigger instead of logging.

La definizione di un trigger consiste nei seguenti componenti: .

Il nome di un trigger può essere scelto arbitrariamente, ma è convenzione comune utilizzare un nome che rifletta la tabella e l'evento(i) (nell'esempio, upd_ins_EMP).

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