Novak djokovic who is he dating

As he mentioned, the way you look at each other, the way you feel your box and the box feels what you’re going through on the court.“I think that’s something that just gives you that reassurance, gives you that confidence,” Djokovic said.And then it’s up to him to change it.” Djokovic, more than any top player, has always relied heavily on what he calls “my team.” His coaches du jour often wear the same caps or T-shirts in the box, as if they are teammates.Djokovic can be spotted looking up at them after a difficult point.

A warning is rarely issued, and a penalty almost never applied. When questioned about that in the interview room, Sharapova snapped, “I just won the U. Open and you’re asking me about a banana.” Yuri no longer coaches Sharapova, though she still looks at her coaches often during matches for guidance.

“There are moments when he looks up and he needs assurance that what he is doing is right.

And then we have our ways about it to tell him it’s good or tell him it’s bad.

Foreign media fails to recognise Novak's 'female companion' Deepika Djokovic was previously linked to Serbian pop star Natasa Bekvalac for a good number of years and the hottie may have revealed a little too much about his alleged secret affairs to the media.

As per multiple reports, Natasa suggested that Novak would be happier dating Deepika Padukone.

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