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Things turned from bad to worse when another Tennis legend, John Mc Enroe, compared Djokovic to alleged serial cheater, golfer Tiger Woods.One of his former girlfriends has also brought to life the alleged affairs of the Tennis sensation and it involves Bollywood superstar Deepika Padukone.Victoria’s Instagram account suggests that the lady follows him around.The ace Tennis player, who tied the knot in 2014, is expecting his second child with his wife.“It’s not necessary that he tells me where to serve or to which side of the opponent’s court I have to play, because that doesn’t happen.With all the cameras pointed at him and to the box, I think you would already notice if he would just kind of go, ‘Kick serve, slice, to the backhand or forehand.’” Coaching of any kind is strictly prohibited at Grand Slam events, unless it is done in the locker area during a break in the action, such as a rain delay. Open title in 2006, Maria Sharapova’s father, Yuri, actually signaled to her from her box when to eat bananas between games.'Novak Djokovic would be far happier dating Bollywood film star Deepika Padukone' - those are the words of the Serbian tennis player's alleged ex-girlfriend Natasa Bekvalac, reports Daily Mail.

And then we have our ways about it to tell him it’s good or tell him it’s bad.

Mumbai: Problems in Tennis star Novak Djokovic’s personal life have surfaced in the media and there are rumours that all is not well between his wife Jelena and him for the last 18 months.

In fact, she was seen wearing a stony expression during the US Open last summer.

“We can’t pretend like that’s not happening in tennis,” Djokovic said.

“And not just with the top players, with everybody. You’re alone on the court.” Many would argue that Djokovic has no need to cheat at this Wimbledon, or even seek advice, after the draw came out.

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