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But it doesn't stop there, you hear about these dead beat dads that would do everything they could to not pay child support and take care of their kids.

My dad was the complete opposite of that, he wanted to make sure that I had everything I needed or wanted.

Remember, with British Sex Contacts™ there are NO subscription fees and NO membership fees. If you are having problems logging into your account Click here Form Errors If you are getting the error 'Email Address is already in use' this means someone has already joined using this email address.I knew deep down in my heart that he cared about me a lot.I say that because he kept coming to where I lived to go to court.I am staying this way and I will continue to do so for certain reasons I can't discuss, and no it's not because of my age, I'm almost 21, it's for safety reasons.I asked him to help me write another story because he is my all time favorite writer here.

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