No longer updating

Some days I get at least two auto update checks although I suspect that is tied to whether I run a disk clean and then do a restart. Hey all, I've ran into a very obnoxious new problem as of late.It appears that, every time I restart my computer, Windows refuses to output audio to my subwoofer-- until I go into my sound card software and toggle from 5.1, to stereo, then back...I use to disable driver updates from Windows 10 by going into Device Installation settings and Never install drivers from Windows update but now since the last stupid... I am using the computer as a HTPC and need the PC to boot up automatically each day so it can runs some scripts.

i Cloud Photo Library is easily the most seamless way to access photos on all your i OS devices but there is a catch – you must pay. It first came out as a beta feature in i OS 8.1 and has since been around for about a year.I have no idea what would possibly be different between the 2, but there clearly is.I have not tested on Android app, but have on the i Phone app.Equally if i manually flip the switch on basic ui on chrome the icon doesn’t change, if i do the same on IE it does. I restarted my Open HAB box and the lamp icons now change to reflect the state of the switch. I use 2 different scripts - a codesend script for GPIO activation for my 433’s and an ssh command sent to my rooted Gen 1 Wink Hub that controls nothing but Zigbee devices.I hadn’t had to restart since my initial config, so I had been refreshing my Chrome browser until now to see the icon change. Here is the weird thing and my addition to this thread - for the 433’s, the UI updates as expected.

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