Nickhun dating

Hopefully they'll be able to get through this tough time and who know maybe someday they'll get back together!The media outlet posted photos with their report that detailed a relationship that bloomed out of friendship into that of a couple.It probably sucks to break up with a person you dated so long and fake a smile and continue on with the schedule. As much as I was shipping them so much I knew this would eventually happen given how busy are they. Looking forward to more 9pm chemistry on stage (2pm comeback is soon!!!!) So sad to hear :( Especially since its been long known that they've been together for a few years now.His mother is the chief executive officer of a Thai pharmaceutical company, Union Medical, established in 1976, which acts as an importer and distributor.

"Tiffany and Nichkhun have been in a relationship for four months," a spokesman for SM Entertainment, Girls' Generation's agency, told a sports daily.A source close to the two revealed that the two broke up recently and had already told all their close friends. ", and it's said the two just couldn't find the time to see each other very much due to their busy overseas schedules.They've both been working on their own group comebacks as well, which meant even less time to see each other.The couple, known as Khuntoria, was featured on the show leaving in September 2011.In 2011, Nichkhun appeared in the music video of the single "Touch (觸動)" by Taiwanese Mandopop artist Will Pan, which premiered on January 31.

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