Natalee holloway39s mother dating

He was arrested twice but never charged in connection with her disappearance.

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Holloway, who has two daughters with his second wife, Robin, hopes de Jong's new claims could lead to the discovery of Natalee's body, which in turn could provide new evidence to charge van der Sloot with murder in Aruba.Tragic fate: Dave Holloway had a judge declare Natalee dead in 2012, against the wishes of his ex-wife.He says he knew she was dead even before he went to Aruba after her disappearance.I'll talk to anyone about this case unless they are totally whacko,' said Holloway.'And Jurrian's lead is a whole lot better than many of the others I have chased.'Why would you make up that you were lying in the weeds at 1 or 2 in the morning? 'You would say you were standing on the beach or sitting there doing something if you weren't telling the truth. 'I'm not "over" anything, because you don't get over the loss of a loved one,' Beth, who is now divorced from second husband 'Jug' Twitty and newly engaged to a man she refuses to identify, told BMetro. And Dave Holloway told Daily Mail Online he is content knowing that van der Sloot is serving a long sentence in a tough prison in a faraway land, but still wants the closure that finding Natalee's body would bring.'I have three other children and now a grandchild and time has a way of healing,' he told Daily Mail Online.

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