Mylife reunion dating

The Good Friday Agreement was seen as answering the question of whether the island of Ireland could be reunited once and for all, establishing as it did that Northern Ireland would only rejoin the South if a majority of citizens voted in a referendum or plebiscite for the option.With nationalists being demographically subordinate in Stormont, the simple mathematics meant it would never happen.With all of these features, you are bound to find someone you are looking for in no time.If you don’t find anyone through the advanced search features, My will send you email messages when someone is looking for you or someone you have been looking for is found in their database.

Then My Life delivered possible matches in my area and gave me the option to send them messages.

My Life is gaining about 2.5 million new users per month, and nearly 1 million users pay for a basic subscription, Tinsley said.

The company has raised million from Oak Investment Partners.

The basic My Life membership is free, but the company charges for additional features such as singles search, or the ability to see who is searching for you.

Tinsley said that since the dating feature has been only up for a few weeks, it’s too early to reveal any user numbers, except to say that it has been growing fast.

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