Most intimidating defensive nfl players

Lewis earned four trips to the Pro Bowl and ended his career with some pretty impressive stats.

His dominance and relentlessness in the playoffs included some jaw-dropping plays. Marshawn Lynch: As much as he may look like one, he isn’t an escaped convict to my knowledge.He totaled 1,590 interception return yardage on 64 INTs.Reed could also hit like a truck, although that part of his game faded as injuries and age mounted.These are all great cornerbacks, as well as some of the best football players to play in the NFL.Thanks to the exploits of these great players who never demanded much help, the position continues to attract some of the best talent and athletic marvels year after year. Speed is usually a must, but a fiesty disposition, cockiness and attitude to match seem to all be traits that the great ones share.

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