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Hayes not only used stickum, but was also great at getting his hands on receivers as well as his hands on the ball or their jerseys if they happened to pass by him.

Hayes was so good at covering receivers that he came within one interception of tying the NFL record of 14 interceptions, held by Dick Lane.

No one knows Patrick Willis, which makes him even scarier. Ndamukong Suh: He says his excessively rough play isn’t intentional, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

His dominance and relentlessness in the playoffs included some jaw-dropping plays. Marshawn Lynch: As much as he may look like one, he isn’t an escaped convict to my knowledge.Instructions for many quarterbacks must have been: "whatever you do, don't throw it near no.20." Few defensive players were more exciting to watch or harder to play against than Ed Reed.He had perhaps the best ball hawking skills of any safety to play the game and could lay a licking on receivers.They are left on the edge to stare at the opponent's best athlete and wonder if it will be a run or a pass deep down the field.These following 20 players were good at guessing and had all the physical tools to play one of the NFL's hardest positions.

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