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You and a date can take one of many BYOB painting classes around Brooklyn and Manhattan to catch a fun buzz and paint your own mementos of a lovely and romantic evening.Coursehorse is an excellent resource to use to find these only-in-New York City happenings.But don’t make it harder than it has to be by subjecting your date -- and yourself -- to a painfully ordinary night of dinner and drinks.

So does visiting international versions of your favorite sites. I just turn on my cell phone’s wireless data system (I have a Verizon Wireless card) and say hell with IT folks who try to keep you from doing what you want to do. I gotta have a talk with Patrick about the porn thing, though. Clamp down too hard and they just won’t tell you the truth (lots of Patrick’s friends tell me their parents have no clue what they are doing online).Explore local art, antiques, thrifty clothes and more when you check out the Brooklyn Flea.Take a break from enjoying the art of others and create some yourself.It’s well worth it to me but some people just can’t give all that to an animal.Non-pet people (as I call them) don’t always understand the sharing of space with an animal.

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