Mdt 2016 update deployment not updating db info

In the Administration workspace, click Distribution Points, and then select the distribution point in which you want to redistribute content.

On the Home tab, in the Properties group, click Properties.

You can configure schedule and throttling settings that help manage the distribution of content to remote distribution points.

When scheduling and throttling does not provide a valid solution for the remote distribution point, you can pre-stage the content on the distribution point by performing the following steps: On the General page, click Browse, choose the location for the pre-staged content file, specify a name for the file, and then click Save.

In the Administration workspace, click Distribution Point Groups, and then select the distribution point group in which you want to redistribute content.

When you no longer need content on your distribution points, you can remove the content files on the distribution point.

You can redistribute a package to copy the content files in the package to distribution points or distribution point groups, overwriting the existing files.

You will typically use this operation to repair content files in the package.

HP Bios should be set like this for your Windows 7 Deployments: Then during the upgrade from 7 to 10, you can use the HP Bios Config tool (Bios Config Utility64.exe) to change the settings: CMD Step: Bios Config Utility64-set: Enable Secure -cspwdfile: HPBios Just have a packages with the HP Tools and your Password file in it.On the General page, verify that the content listed is the content that you want to distribute, choose whether you want Configuration Manager to detect content dependencies that are associated with the selected content and add the dependencies to the distribution, and then click Next.You have the option to configure the Detect associated content dependencies and add them to this distribution setting only for the application content type.This saves us from having to add drivers to the OSD process, as they are updated dynamically.Now we have another section that is just for the Computers upgrading from 7 / 8.1 to Windows 10.

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