Mdt 2016 update deployment not updating db info

On the General page, verify that the content listed is the content that you want to distribute, choose whether you want Configuration Manager to detect content dependencies that are associated with the selected content and add the dependencies to the distribution, and then click Next.

You have the option to configure the Detect associated content dependencies and add them to this distribution setting only for the application content type.

----Original Post: 9/29 We’ve been working on our Windows 10 upgrade TS to move to Windows 10 1607, but we also want to use the same TS to upgrade Windows 7 and 8 computers when possible, and if we can upgrade in a way to leverage the additional Security features in Windows 10 that rely on Secure Boot (Credential Guard / Device Guard) Requirements to upgrade Windows 7 and 8 computers to enable Credential Guard in 10, UEFI: In the TS, we’ve added sections that only applies when upgrading from Windows 7 or 8, one before the upgrade and one after.

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Though task sequences do not contain content, they have associated content dependencies that are distributed.

First, we create a new Group for Machines that are currently on 7 or 8 that will be upgrading to 10Set it to if None of these conditions apply, use the WMI Query: select * from win32_operatingsystem where caption like 'Microsoft Windows 10%' After those steps, we have several steps that Pertain to the upgrade process in General, they happen no matter if the upgrade is from 7 or if upgrading from 1511 to 1607.

We’ve found that upgrading from 1511 to 1607 removes some customizations, so we reapply them in that section, as well as run drivers updates using the Dell & HP Driver update tools.

For more info about adding drivers in a more traditional way for your upgrades, check out Johan’s Post: Mgr-Inplace-Upgrade-Task-Sequence Remember, this is NOT a solution to change Legacy Bios to UEFI, still recommend 1e’s solution for that.

This was only if you had set your systems to UEFI while installing Windows 7 / 8.

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