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Slim Drivers starts the installation process automatically, immediately improving the performance of peripheral devices and maintaining the integrity of communication between software and hardware.Because Slim Drivers uses a cloud database, consumers have automated access to the most current updates for their PC drivers, alleviating the need to search the Web for updates or determine whether their drivers need repair.I owe a great debt to the excellent work of Ronald Hutton (2007, 2009) and Adam Stout’s work on the competing narratives of prehistory which emerged in pre-WWII Britain (Stout 2008).Stout explored the period during which archaeology moved from gentlemanly antiquarian pursuit to academic discipline, a process which continued in the mid-twentieth century, still heavily influenced by the ‘intellectual aesthetic’ from which it emerged in the 1920s (Stout 2008, 241).

Rather than tracing a clear shift in perspective, this essay explores some of the themes which have repeatedly emerged in the interactions between archaeologists and modern Druid groups, including ideas of authority and authenticity, in the second half of the twentieth century and beyond.

The book was, in part, intended to dispel once and for all the popular notion that there was a direct connection between ancient Druids and Stonehenge.

Atkinson went so far as to write that “Druids have so firm a hold upon the popular imagination, particularly in connection with Stonehenge, and have been the subject of so much ludicrous and unfounded speculation, that archaeologists in general have come to regard them as almost unmentionable in polite society.” (, 91). Firstly, it highlights the often fraught relationships between archaeologists and Druidry in the mid-twentieth century and, secondly, it was soon to be revealed as demonstrably untrue.

As archaeology became increasingly professionalised, its nature and character were shaped in part by its relationship to other ways of understanding the past.

These included traditional antiquarian approaches as well as spiritual and religious ideas.

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