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The book was, in part, intended to dispel once and for all the popular notion that there was a direct connection between ancient Druids and Stonehenge.Atkinson went so far as to write that “Druids have so firm a hold upon the popular imagination, particularly in connection with Stonehenge, and have been the subject of so much ludicrous and unfounded speculation, that archaeologists in general have come to regard them as almost unmentionable in polite society.” (, 91). Firstly, it highlights the often fraught relationships between archaeologists and Druidry in the mid-twentieth century and, secondly, it was soon to be revealed as demonstrably untrue.At the time that Atkinson was writing, the last major academic treatment of the ancient Druids was Thomas Kendrick’s published in 1927.But a decade after the publication of Atkinson’s book, at a time of heightened tensions with modern Druid movements over rights and access to Stonehenge, two major academic monographs on ancient Druids were published (Piggott 1966, Chadwick 1966), as well as a scholarly work on ‘Pagan Celtic Britain’ (Ross 1967).She was glad to give hot guy a fuck, because the male cool peppers Busty lady in pink slit.Then changes position and puts the baby down on his protruding Kukan, on which Dolly crouches and slides a wet hole.The most recent excavations at Stonehenge were carried out in 2008, led by Geoffrey Wainwright and Timothy Darvill (Darvill and Wainwright 2009), and this was in fact the first excavation to take place inside the stone circle since those of Atkinson and Piggott in 1964.This time, Druids were themselves present alongside the archaeologists: the excavations were opened and closed with a ceremony of blessing carried out by a small group of modern Druids (Jones 2008).

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The excavations were not published in full until after Atkinson’s death (Cleal , which was aimed at “the ordinary visitor” (Atkinson 1956, xiv).We have been making toys that make a difference since 1983.We manufacture our own bubble tubes, projectors, swing frames and swing seats as well as a whole lot more. Just as there is no single ‘Druidic’ viewpoint (other Druid groups subsequently called for the reburial of the human remains excavated in 2008 - see so archaeologists also vary in their approaches and opinions.Rather than tracing a clear shift in perspective, this essay explores some of the themes which have repeatedly emerged in the interactions between archaeologists and modern Druid groups, including ideas of authority and authenticity, in the second half of the twentieth century and beyond.

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