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One of her best friends is Le Toya Luckett, who has a number of collaborations with Ludacris.

Eudoxie is constantly posting pictures of Ludacris’ two beautiful children. In 2013, she founded her nonprofit organization Unspoken Angels.

Her name is pronounced E-docs-see bougie-en-eh-gay. Eudoxie is a native of the villages in Gabon on west coast in Central Africa.

She endured a variety of abuses including verbal and sexual in her homeland. resize=184,300&ssl=1 184w" sizes="(max-width: 213px) 100vw, 213px" data-recalc-dims="1" / She has been dating Ludacris since 2009.

At least nothing besides the fact that Christopher Bridges married her within two weeks of proposing extravagantly, by having the words “Eudoxie, will you marry me” illuminated in blue on a grass field that they could see from the plane they were on.

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