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With the eager nervousness of a premature ejaculator, I awaited her response. Then, after she downed several more beers, she revisited the topic.“Wait, are you just trying to have sex with me for your article? “There are so many other reasons I’m trying to have sex with you!” As Carolyn quite reasonably shot me down, I noted the irony of being driven apart by a substance designed to keep couples together.Merely proposing the use of Promescent to a potential sex partner had diminished the likelihood that I would ever have sex with her. I’ll take care of this myself,” the whiskey made me say.Finally, after fifteen or so years as an amateur, I was ready to become a professional masturbator.

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If you or a man you know is a quick draw and doesn’t want to be, Promescent will probably help, but finding the correct dosage — something I never determined — is crucial. In the end, I didn’t need to be the Punisher to a woman. Even without any orgasm-delaying benefits, they could market this stuff as “Boner-B-Gone” to high-school guys who need to make presentations in front of the class.I then spent the ten-minute “waiting period” uncomfortably checking my e-mail.So there I was, hard as the problem of solving the federal deficit, when I applied ten spritzes of lidocaine solution.Male readers: You know that feeling when you walk into the ocean?

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