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this will mean the lake will go to tags eventually... depth is going to be round 100 ft to bottom What are they catching on french bay, i plan to go out tomorrow. Sun- Prov Park, lots of drivers, many parked on ice at launch. come up too fast and the fish don't have time to get rid of the air, expand and die... ice was sitting at 4 in last week so not real thick.. Switched up lots, tried different depths, presentations etc. Only a very few fishing marked in that 25 foot zone. To fish Lakers use smelt on a harness depth approx 150 feet of line... remove barbs and please for gosh sakes reel up slow from the bottom when you get one... Nowhere to rent tents or augers..just a suggestion if you are going to winter fish get a gas auger...often go to the handle and need extentions to break through.. Feels much more private than the marina if you aren't going more than a few km from shore Last weekend it was 10 inches off of the provincial park up to about 300m from shore then we drilled and found only 7 inches and decided that where we'd camp in the 4runner.

I drove to the boat lunch at the prov park, ice looks pretty good, but didnt want to go for a walk on it since i was by myself I'm a new guy as well. Caught one in 25 ft one in 70 and the other in 100.

Two of us were also out all weekend 13th & 14th and fished hard with poor results! One fish about 4lbs off point between French and centre bay caught on smelt and two good fish about 8-10lbs on white tube jigs. Approx 15 inches of ice everywhere but some very poor wet spots of slush under snow making driving difficult and dangerous in places. I havent ice fished the lake before I find it interesting that the limit for keeping a fish here is 75" or higher.

Any pointers on what yo use Im just driving to the park area and walking out as tomorrow is going to be nice.

Pierce lake in Saskatchewan shares the same water as Cold Lake and they can keep 1 over, and 1 under 65cm. Looks like lake should be mostly clear for May long. Out Saturday got 10 lakers, out Sunday got 13, all ranging from 65 to 80cm three over 75. On the lake all day again fishing a 80 to 130 ft drop off. that what i did this morning reslly nice people Really slow this weekend even did burbot at night and nothing maybe with the warm weather and no more snow on the ice next weekend will be good i usually always get burbot at night but slow right now. Might help à bunch of us We r in the far south bay sleeping on the ice my friend got 2 hammer handles I got a 31" 14 pound laker and a 34" 10 pound pike 3 little pike and a eel pout!

Wind was blowing west and from what I could see today east side was ice free, west end still had ice. And one big [email protected]% that kept coming back and stealing hooks, and could get him up. so sweet I'm sure you oil fans could see our flag from 100 miles lol Hey crazycajun, the burbots i catch are between 70 and 90 ft. i use 2 oz jigs with stinger and bounce on bottom erraticaly, no more than 1 foot motions.

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