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We are used to seeing movies in the cinema and TV shows displayed at around 24-30 FPS.

Generally the FPS of television is higher than that of the cinema.

You will be guided and motivated throughout your learning experience by knowledgeable instructors in real-time; BVC is not a passive self-learning platform.

It is personal, convenient, cost-effective, worry-free, and comes with consistent reporting so that you can track your progress.

It could be something as simple as a run away script or learning how to better use E-utilities, for more efficient work such that your work does not impact the ability of other researchers to also use our site.

This number is affected by the type of webcam that you have, and also by the speed of your computer and the number of tasks that it is engaged in at a given moment...

FPS matters because the higher this nubmer is the more life-like and real the resulting video looks.

Berlitz Virtual Classroom® (BVC) is ideal for busy lives because your time matters.

BVC is a live, online language learning resource that allows you to learn in the comfort of your home or office on your own personal schedule.

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