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You also don't want her to feel so dependent on you that she can't end things if she needs to. Really Erotic Dalliances But, Um, Married Very bad.

You want her to be with you because she wants to be with you, not because she's trapped. In fact, REDBUM, I think you should be spanked for getting spanked behind your husband's back—then spanked again for getting spanked for getting spanked behind your husband's back.

You ran a letter from a man whose wife wouldn't let him spank her. I found a man like WISHOTK, and we meet up for spanking sessions.

What all do I need to know if I plan on attending the NAG LAN?

I'm not submissive around the clock, but my partner owns my cock.

We've purchased several male chastity devices, but I can pretty easily get my cock out of them.

So we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions which we suggest you peruse both before buying your LAN ticket and before arriving at the LAN.What began as her visiting me for the holidays ended up with her staying with me indefinitely. Tell her that it can't go on like this indefinitely—living in your apartment rent-free—as it's unfair to your roommate and that kind of support is too much to expect from someone she's been seeing for only four months.She comes from a very poor family, and going back home means sleeping in her grandma's living room. Tell her you appreciate the ways she's kicking in now—helping with groceries—but eventually she'll need to start kicking in on rent too, and then set a realistic date for her to start paying rent."Whenever you become turned on, you feel your cage or belt against your penis.It can be anything from a gentle reminder to a vice-like grip, depending on your arousal level.

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    Private Memo to Hollywood Rapists, Assaulters, Harassers and Slime Bucket Power Brokers, Just a quick question: In what universe is whipping it out and masturbating in front of guests, employees and other strangers a great conversation starter? And in what land is rape called a date, and assault part of the job perks?