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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country.

A particularly good cock was shown in this class ; the bird was a bad coloured Bed, capital in points, and should have been in the class for Beds. if in the spring you can manage to transfer two or three ^ your stocks of common bees into frame hives, it will be a rest assistance, and will, I think, go far to render the task ligttiani Bing your apiary as easy as it is interesting. 25 and SO of Tkk Jovsval Hos TVviiniir, for tne ezp Uaatloii of tbis carious fl Mt. If you will kindly advise me how to transport one of Gale's (of Alton) box-hives, with the bees and honey to a distant county, I shall be much obliged. Pass a cord round it, and send it, still in an inverted position, in charge of a careful mes- senger, who will not commit it to the tender mercies of railway porters.] DIMINUTION OP WEia HT IN BEE-HIVES DUBING OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER. 22 7 8 9 10 30 34 33 31 83 83 IS 34 33 80 82 39 17 27 31 15 29 27 27 Total. Dxy salt instead of brine will cause rancidity sometimes. There are few places in the country that are not already provided with them. At the tiiwo they would observe that they will net consider Ivea precluded from introducing any modification or in tbem that experience may hereafter prove to Tb Bilwi Bllii BOSE GOSSIP. Good folk often imagine that their little experience is not worth recording; but I am quito sure that if observations were more freely g^ven, a great deal of valuable information might be gained. If light the soil is made firm by treadiog it firmly. hmket Spioaeh .......jriore Tomatoes , | ttero Tnmip M ...,^ Jbinieh Vecotfehle Manvwsd M. ffeo 6 S 6 6 9 • « -• •% 1) 1 t O S « « 7 e « B t f 4 1 4 •■r 3* *» in. *n -iul loroiiiaitai: wrisasi rf me * ronrmw ^i T Rzjrnunbtasn.

Frame being successftd with Bk Mfaiy both being promising birds, but difficult te diati Bgoiah m to sex, and the colour an unusual Black. Not so, however, in cases of an artificial character. I may have fidled fblly to compcehead the Mjwik&m of Ib I- T ».»».] J01TBNAL Off HOBTIOULIUBB ASD OOTTAOB QABDBNBB. Mj ol^ject is more than to satisfr a curio Ti B inquiry. But if it be true that lj5e soil t: tracts Ecist Tire. d too 15 C U fl 6 6 6 6 6 3 8 S 6 5 3 3 3 6 S 6 2 3 S 4 s A Leeks banoh Lettnce dot.

In the dbsi ftr Barbs the first-prize Yellows were good, but not looking in such condition as on the last occasion in which ttuej came under our notice. Here the rearing of a queen is a new idea» so to speak, towards which the bees are not, it may be, entirely prepared. ^ffcw fc Howwd liy " Urw AMW mn Owwabpb;" butltwema o Soo H to trndentuid how only two abundant watering! I hare reason to beliere that th*" firmer tbe soil is trodden round fruit trees growing on a li^Lt sc H. Vt^szi tie more that in which my trees grew is tro-ien, the lest moisture they wi D hare, and moisture is abore a L thiniri^ w Lat they want.

The second-prize Blade code was veiy good, but orange-eyed, and only indifferently aocompaided. Else took the medal with a plain-headed parr, and, although slightly sullied in feather, they were small, short-backed, fine, and with oa{dtal tails. Some elements or conditions of success may be wanting. oonld M matariallr affoot Uie quality of the frnit Very wi Mlf, ha Menu to have apprehended the bearings of the M ^onrb — " It never raina but it poura," and (fivea a real, luaiq^ rtudding. Andrews, 3, Lockabrook 'lace, Bath, Potato, I believe raised and only known in that disfenti, under the name of "The Early Emperor." Thej «re is shape flattish-round, col9ur rosy red, very shallow-eyed, aaid altogether a remarkably handsome Potato. 1 hare looke-d int^ Thconpscn, Lindlej, and Jr'Lnsosi, for information, without success. Oto O f f 6 f f 5 S 6 10 10 « t 1 M f f YBa BTABLKS. Artichokes each Asparagus bundle 10 Beans Broad 4 ^ieve Kidney 100 2 Beet, Red...... i Broccoli bundle 1 Rruwieis Sprouts ^ sieve 2 Cabbaire dox. 2 Celery bundle 1 encumbers eaob I Rndive ooore S Poniiel bnneh 9arlic and Shallots, lb.

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